Monday, January 29, 2007

and more boys!!

Once we got up to the room we all changed into our pajamas, turned the heat up to 90*, turned the shower on so we could steam it up, closed the door to the living area and left the door to the bedroom partially open so we could get some of the warmth from the shower. We turned on the T.V., called my dad, and Lyndsi got on the laptop.

Jenn was lying on the queen-size bed, and all of a sudden got up and went to the King. “Kristy! Get your camera!” She started jumping and I took pictures. That means the camera was out the rest of the night.

My dad kept texting for about an hour (he wanted pictures of the room and us being goofy text to him), and then we all went to bed (It was about 1:30). We turned on Sex & The City and the three of us huddled together in the King bed. Jenn called the middle. It’s how we always slept when we slept together. Me on the right, Jenn in the middle, and Lyndsi on the left. I think I fell asleep first, which is good. I was so grateful to be with those girls then and there. I fell asleep with tears in my eyes, but I was better than I had been. I was with the two girls who would never leave me and who would always be care more than any stupid boy ever would.

The next morning it seemed like only Jenn and I were in a good mood. We headed off for the continental breakfast, and didn’t eat. Jenn had a plate-full of food, but she seemed to be the only hungry one. I hadn’t been hungry since the break-up. My diet consisted of what I forced down my throat, and that wasn’t very much. Lyndsi normally didn’t eat breakfast, and she was still in a bad mood because of Jennie. Not going to lie, it brought Jenn and I down (to a point…they were supposed to be cheering me up, not bringing me down!), but it didn’t stop us from having fun.

After breakfast we walked to the check-in counter and asked what there was to do around this time of year. See, Mackinac Island is a big tourist city. And to give you an idea, in the summer you can walk around Mackinac Crossings and go shopping for hours, take a ferry over to Mackinac Island and spend the whole day there riding horses, shopping, riding your bike around the island. Go to the cemeteries, the British Landing, Devils Kitchen, Arch Rock, and more. In the winter, though? Well, the employees at the hotel said that the movie theater was still open.

So, out came the digital camera once again. We made a video of the hotel room that was based on the T.V. show ‘Cribs’. Jenn made a perfect pretend celebrity. It was only natural to make a quirky movie on my camera…we always do. Lyndsi was shown as one of the ‘guests’ in the house. She was on her laptop (in a gloomy mood, of course). She gave us a dirty look when we turned the camera on her, so Jenn took to jumping on the bed again. She also showed the view from our awesome window (it was of the parking lot), the toilet, the ‘hand carved’ banisters on the bed, the empty fridge, and everything that was made ‘especially for her’. After that we decided to pack up and check out. We were going to go over the bridge and then head home.

Jenn begged to drive over the bridge first, so we let her. She had this crazy notion that she wanted a picture of her driving over the bridge, with one of the tiers in the background. So, Lyndsi got out the camera and took a picture. Oh, not just any picture, though. Jenn actually turned AROUND for it!! Let me tell you, I’m always nervous when I drive over the bridge, but have a teenage girl, who’s never driven over the bridge before, turn around for a picture, and then for it not to turn out too well, and have to take ANOTHER picture?! Let’s just say I was freaking out. But, I turned around for a picture with her anyways. We paid the fare for the bridge, and as soon as we were into the Upper Peninsula, I wanted to be back on the other side. My ex was headed for his cabin that day, which is in the U.P., and it just reminded me of him way too much. I started to tear up, as we headed for Escanaba. Of course, we didn’t have enough time (or gas) to get there, so we stopped at the scenic overview and took a few pictures. Lyns still wasn’t happy, and I was basically almost balling (although I faked happy pretty well. I didn’t want Jenn to get down, too, and I knew if she found out I was upset, her mood would just be shot). So, we got back in the car and headed home.

I drove back over the bridge, and we were off. The highway was busier than normal, but not too bad. We turned on the radio and started jamming. We passed a truck that had three guys in it after about a ½ hour. I noticed that the driver was pretty hot, and pointed it out to Jenn as we were passing them. Lyndsi was having fun with the camera, and looked up to agree with my statement. The guy in the middle was okay, too. So we passed them, thinking nothing of it. About fifteen minutes later, they passed us. Well, the three of us being girls got pretty excited when we noticed them coming up again. The guy in the passenger seat wasn’t cute at all…in fact, he reminded me of Paul but with blonder hair. I, being me, got very upset that they passed us, and got back over to pass them. Within ten minutes, our cars were right next to each other, and the three of us looked over at them and as we went to wave, they made a very inappropriate gesture with their fingers and their tongues. We cracked up, and pulled ahead. I swerved in front of them, cutting them off. Five minutes later, and exceeding the speed limit by quite a bit became overcome with excitement when I noticed them catching up again.

This time, when they passed us, we blew them kisses. They actually pretended to catch them, waved, and passed us. I remember going 90 down the expressway, and someone calling my phone. Jenn answered it, and got off it as quickly as possible. The traffic was getting bad now, but I couldn’t let them go. If they did, it meant they won the unofficial contest that I was having with them, and I would be very unhappy. They had gotten about a ½ mile in front of us, and I tried catching up but couldn’t. Five minutes later, though, the traffic cleared out and I floored my way up to them. Passing them, I cut their truck off. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It became especially hard when the blond held up his cell phone and motioned like he wanted to call us. I got very excited and told Lyndsi to find a piece of paper and a pen. They stayed even with us until I told Lyndsi my phone number ( we don’t haven numbers memorized…we have them on speed dial) and was able to hold the piece of paper up to the window. The blond put it in his phone, and tried calling us. After two tries, he shrugged and they sped off. That left the girls and I driving, completely confused. I looked at the piece of paper Lyndsi had written on, and she wrote one digit in my number down wrong. We laughed pretty hard, and then I had her write it down again.

The next time our vehicle went to pass them, all three of us looked over and all three of them smiled. Our jaws dropped to the ground and shrieks were heard as I sped the car up and passed them, making sure to put distance between us. All three of the guys were missing a significant amount of teeth.

“Well,” Lyndsi said, “I guess it’s good I wrote your number down wrong!” That will forever be the highlight of our Mackinac trip.

About an hour after the excitement with the guys, I was getting tired of driving so we got off at the next exit and switched drivers. I was in the passenger seat (on the way home), Jenn driving and Lyndsi in the back. We had the radio on, and I was moping. By this time Lyndsi was happy (like, freakishly happy- she was taking pictures of anything and everything. Need an example? try her feet!), but I was still holding back tears. Then, Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift came on, and I started balling. It basically told the story of my ex and I. Jenn went to go change it and I practically yelled no. I don’t know why I didn’t want it changed. It was making me almost choke on my tears, yet I wanted to listen to it. And by the end, I was smiling. It’s a very good song, and it was one of my favorites before we broke up. I remember that was before the boys, but on the way home…and I drove for two hours before we switched drivers, and I remember that we were still very far north. Odd, how we can remember the movements exactly, but the timing is irrelevant.

We arrived back in Swartz Creek around 2:00 pm. The girls dropped me off, gave me hugs, and went to Lyndsi’s house. That weekend was the best weekend I had for a long time. It brought us closer together, and bridged the distances that I had created with them. I love those girls. They mean the world to me, and they’re my sisters. I can’t wait for another adventure with them that’s even better than that one!

~The boys~

After another hour & ½, all of us, being girls, were in desperate need of a rest area. We pulled in and all ran inside. After doin’ what girls do, which was definitely fixing our hair and criticizing our butts, we walked back outside to the car. Guess who pulled in, two parking spots over from us? None other than the two guys in the cool old red car. Not gonna lie, the blond was gorgeous, and the brunette…was very not cute at all. It was my turn to drive because we were only 30 minutes away, and I was basically the only one who knew where we were going once we got off the highway. So, as the guys were walking in, I said pretty obnoxiously loud, ‘Only Thirty more minutes and we’re there! I’m so freakin’ excited!’ which led into Jenn giving a ‘Yesss!’. We hopped in the car and we were off.

It hadn’t even been fifteen minutes, and a car was approaching very fast. It pulled up right next to us. With our music blaring, I couldn’t hear what Jenn had been saying. All I saw was her pointing out the drivers side window. As I turned to look, there were the guys! The Blond was driving (he probably wouldn’t let the other one touch his precious little car), and the brunette in the passenger seat. His window was rolled down, and he was motioning for us to roll ours down, too. So, what do you do? A girl who just broke up with her boyfriend, who feels completely ugly and has no self-confidence what-so-ever, you roll down your window. I turned the music down and looked outside to the guys. He yelled, “Where are you going?”

“Mackinac!” I yelled back, smiling the whole time. C’mon, going 75 and yelling in-between cars gives you a rush. It’s exciting, daring…adventurous. Okay, not really- but it’s the most adventure I had in a long time. Then he yelled something else, and all I heard was ‘party’. So, of course, I had to yell back. “Where?!” I got all excited.


Before I knew what I was doing, I yelled, “SURE!”

The brunette said, “We’ll pull off at the next exit and talk!” it sounded good to me, so they pulled in front of us to lead the way. I rolled the window up and Jenn just looked at me. “What?!”

“No.” Lyndsi piped up from the backseat.

“No what?” I asked.

“Kristy! They’re expecting us at the hotel. Not only that, your dad wants us to call him! It’s midnight, I’m tired- we’re going to the hotel.” Jenn was almost in hysterics.

“I know, I know…but, it’s Manistee!”

“I know, Kristy- but no. We’re way too tired. Majority rules.” Lyndsi said. I slowed down to a comfortable speed (at one point we were going 45 on the expressway trying to keep our distance. We were the only two cars on the road!) and tried to keep my distance from the boys. Jenn would panic every few minutes when I would get ‘too close’.

She would cautiously say “Kristy…” and I would slow back down. Slowly the Mackinac Bridge exit signs popped up. Which meant that the boys would be getting off at the exit we wanted. Sure enough, they did. As they slowed down on the exit ramp, we sped up on the highway. With a ‘see ya!’ we passed them. We got off at the next exit, and with a gas station on our left and pitch blackness on our right, we were arguing which way to turn. I picked the right, it was another adventure. Jenn and Lyndsi wanted to go left, but they weren’t driving. I turned on the second road on our left and it led us straight to the back of the movie theater. There was a back road leading to another street that was well lit, so I took it. It led us right to the hotel-strip, and I knew exactly where we were. Turning right on the back-strip about a ½ mile down we found our hotel. I pulled into the parking lot and Jenn started freaking out.

“It’s them! It’s them! Oh my God!”

“What?!” I shouted, frantically looking around for the red car.

“In the parking lot!” she was pointing to a car in our hotel’s parking lot.

I just looked at her. “Jenn, no.”


“No. That’s black. Their car was red.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. Pinky promise and kiss on it.” We parked and walked into the lobby. By now, Lyndsi wasn’t in the best of moods. Not only was it late (around midnight), but she had told her friend Jennie that she couldn’t have a girl’s night with her because she needed to be with me. We invited her to come along, but she had said no. She called Lyns later that night to basically tell her off and that her boyfriend had gotten in a car accident on the way to SVSU. She made Lyndsi feel absolutely horrible, and there was basically no cheering her up from there on out. She was even crying it was so bad!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mackinac Trip

In a girls life, breakups make the top ten “worst feeling in the world” list. That’s when you need your friends and your family the most. With Jenn at Central, Lyndsi at SVSU, and I at State, they couldn’t exactly be the physical beings I needed or wanted them to be. When I went home that weekend, though, they were everything I needed and more.

I couldn’t fathom why they were at my house. For ten months I had basically ditched them, let them down. To put things simple, I put my guy before them and basically told them to fuck off. I was so grateful to these girls, I didn’t know(and I still don’t) know how to thank them. The three of us are sisters, and that’s why they were there. That’s why they’ll always be there.

Anyways, back to the fun part. With me balling my eyes out, the girls and I were headed up to Saginaw Valley State University to forget about everything, hang out, and get back to where we were. Jenn and I had bags packed for one night. I saw a sign for the Mackinac Bridge and wanted to go so bad. I hadn’t been in three years, and it was my favorite place in the world. I didn’t think the girls would go for it, but they did. After a “Screw SVSU, let’s go to Mackinac!”, a “sure, I don’t care”, we were headed to Mackinac.

We stopped at SVSU to get Lyndsi’s stuff, and so we could grab the other things we would need. In addition we grabbed her laptop(after searching for hotel prices). The cheapest one was fifty dollars, and we thought that was a good deal. So, with Lyndsi driving, none of our parent’s having a clue, a full tank of gas, and thirty dollars, we were off.

The car ride was fun, as our car rides usually are. We jammed to Lyndsi’s iPod (of course Jenn was in control of the songs) which is always necessary for a road trip. I called my dad and told him what was going on. He called us crazy, insane, silly, and many more things. He laughed like there was no tomorrow and asked us where we were going to stay. The answer? We had no idea. It was part of the experience. He, however, would not take that as an answer. He called twenty minutes later saying he had gotten us a room. Not just any room, but a suite with a King and Queen size bed, a kitchenette, and a living room area. When we found this out in the car, all of us were screaming and amazed that he pulled it off. What’s amazing, is all he asked for in return was a phone call once we got there.

About an hour & ½ into our drive, we passed a lifted Dodge pickup truck with two guys in the front. Lyndsi was driving, Jenn was in the passenger seat, and I was in the back. I had Lyndsi’s laptop and was writing on it, so the glow from the screen shown on my face. Jenn said something about the cute guys in the truck as we passed them, and I turned around. They were smiling, so I smiled and waved, too. They sped up a little bit, just so their window was on the same level as mine. I smiled broader, and then so did the cute guy with the cowboy hat. He waved back, and then got off the next exit. He was absolutely dreamy…and I really wish we could have followed him. I didn’t tell the girls that, though. I didn’t even tell them that for a ½ mile they were road-flirting with me. They have no idea, and when they read this, it’ll be the first they hear about it. Then, a little more than fifteen minutes later, we passed a cool old red car. I don’t know what style, don’t ask me. We left that alone in the ‘troy’ era. Anyways, There were two guys in that car, too. One had brown hair, and one had blond hair. The blond was definitely cute. Lyndsi raced them for a little bit, then her being nice and letting them win phase died out and she passed them.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Best Friends

Best friends, by definition means The one friend whom is closest to you. Sister, by definition is listed as being a female offspring having both parent’s in common with another offspring; a female sibling. Another listed definition, however, is a female friend or protector regarded as a sister. Thinking about this definition, it strikes me that there should be more to it. Maybe Mr. Webster had to make the definition simple, so the uneducated could look it up if needed…but even the uneducated should know that a best friend is more than someone who is the closest to you. A Best Friend is Family. It’s someone who understands you, someone who will be there for you in the middle of the night when you call them drunk, someone who will be sitting the cell next to you when you get arrested for being stupid. A Best Friend stands by you even when they know you’re doing something completely wrong. They’re there for you no matter what. They’re girls who happen to laugh for absolutely no reason at all and have stupid fights that are over in ten minutes, attempt to dance and sing like they do in the music videos, make fun of each other when we run into stuff, have a BILLIION moments where “you had to be there” & no matter what happens we’re always there for one another, that’s why we’re called Best Friends.

We are a Trio, and compare ourselves to a sandwich. There’s Lyndsi, the short curly-haired one. She’s the jelly, to say the most…if not the least. She’s the one who makes it a little bit slippery, but not too much. Lyns adds a sweet taste to our friendship. She has two extremes, smiling, and upset. She doesn’t try to cover it up- you know exactly how she’s feeling. You would never expect this 5’3” girl being rough and rowdy. She’s the most caring person ever. She’d rather curl up in front of a fireplace with a good book than out partying at a club. However, if you flip by a hockey game on the television, there’s no way you’re going to watch anything else. She’s understanding, but she’s the first one to overreact if something happens with her mom or anyone else to make her upset. Just as she’s the first person to overreact, she’s also the first person to snap you back to reality if you’re the one overreacting. She’s so loving and so understanding, you can’t help but love her. I’ll be honest, she has her blonde moments…but doesn’t everybody? It just adds to why we love her and accept her as one of our own.

Jenn is the bread. She holds us together, when we do manage to slip apart and fall on the floor. This girl is just outrageous. She’s so random, and always chipper. Jenn’s the calm one. If something’s wrong with her, she’s over. She’s always putting others (those close to her, that is) before herself. If something is wrong, she will drive 55 minutes to make sure you’re alright. If something’s wrong with herself, she’s over it within ten minutes. She may not be over it, over it, but she’ll pretend for the sake of the people around her. You have to prod her to get her to talk if something is wrong, because she doesn’t want to worry anyone else. Jenn’s quirky, what can I say. Whether it involves random pictures in the car, acting gangster, eating lemons, or getting balloon hats made in a restaurant then parading them around the dorm room, there is never a dull moment.

Then there’s me. Hi. I’m Kristy. I guess you could say I’m in the middle, just like the peanut butter. I balance the three of us out. I have my moments where everything is wrong in the world and I’m absolutely hysterical, but I also can be the one who puts everyone aside if something’s wrong with one of those two girls. I’d like to think I’m fun and spontaneous. Whether it be taking a weekend trip to Mackinac, or helping those two get lost on the way down to a mall. They’re both grounded- and I’m the one who wouldn’t be afraid to take a dare and do it. I rub off on Jenn, and bring her along for the ride. We convince Lyns to join in on the fun every now and then…and she actually goes along with it once in a while! I love to laugh and be around a fun crowd. I’m very outgoing and don’t care if I make a fool out of myself just to make someone smile. But don’t worry, I have my sore points, too. I can overreact, and I don’t always agree with people…and when I don’t, I let them know. I try anything at least once. I’m rational…at times…but I’m very irrational at times, too. I can be very bull-headed and stubborn, and if I get an idea going in my head, I go with it. That’s when Lyndsi snaps me back into reality, and I realize that I couldn’t just up and fly to Texas for a weekend. I’m the blonde one, out of all of us. But hey- at least I knew how to make soup.

See, the three of us balance each other out. Without one of us, the sandwich would fall apart. We need the irrational one, the rational one, and the topsy-turvy one. We are not just best friends. We are Sisters. And only Sisters would drive down for one another from separate colleges when you hit rock bottom. And I did just that. This is the story about three different girls, three different experiences, and one great friendship.

Friday, January 26, 2007

This one's all about me.

I doubt anyone's going to read this...but it was a suggestion from one of my friends that I should start a blog. It's not going to be a daily thing, just something for people to read and tell me what they think. This first one, I guess, is an intro to me.
Hey. I'm Kristy. I'm eighteen (almost nineteen), and a freshman at Michigan State University. It's been my dream to go there ever since I came out of the womb. No joke.I'm studying Journalism, and I LOVE to write. I do like it's been hard the first semester. I went through a ton of changes. I was in my first serious relationship with a boy whom I fell in love. Notice the word 'was'? Yea, that relationship, and love, is over. We're still friends...but that's been a recent development and I don't know how long it'll last, or if it's lasting as I type. My roomate and I didn't see eye to eye first semester, and trust me, I tried my best to figure things out with her. I'm a really easy person to get along with, and I can see everything from almost every perspective, I like to think. Anyways, I danced for fourteen years before I left for school. I miss it. It was my release, and I had a hard time leaving it.
I have three best friends in the whole wide world. Jennifer, Lyndsi, and Katie. They know everything about me, and will never leave my side. Even during all the crap I went through with my ex, and basically ditching all of them, they were still there when I needed them the most. I love them so much for that, and I will never forget it.
My family also means the world to me. I'm way too family oriented to be with someone who talks bad about them.
I don't really know what else to say. I've already stated that I want to be a journalist. I've narrowed it down to more than that, though. Now I want to be a sports journalist. Hopefully moving down to Austin, or out to Boston and doing an internship. I would absolutely love to write for the Detroit Tigers, or the Red Socks...any baseball team that I'm infautated with. So, this is the story of a College Freshman at one of the most prestigous schools in Michigan. Her hopes, her dreams, her interactions, and her thoughts. This, is my life.