Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rant & Raves

So, this time, I don't really have that interesting of a topic. I'm going to rant & rave, and if you don't like it, stop reading. Right here, right now. That's your warning-- abide to it.

my complaint list for September 26th, 2007:
-Cramps. You can go terrorize some boy from now on, because I don't think they understand how truly heinous they can be. apparently it is the equivilent to being kicked in the balls. Too bad whether boys believe it or not, it is. When I get these god-forsaken pulses that help remind me that I'm not pregnant and about to endure a pretty bad week, I am not able to walk. Not able to walk, and the feeling that I'm about to throw up every twenty-four seconds. Luckily, they usually only last a day...however, it is the worst day of the month I have. Boys, you don't get kicked in your netherregions once a month, let alone for a week straight. Stop saying that cramps are nothing compared to what you experience-- you have no idea and neither do we. I just have one question for you. Would you like to be introduced to child birth instead?

-Professor Jing. What's worse than an asian man speaking very bad broken english with a horrid combover? Having to sit throug his lecture for an hour & 50 minutes. What's even worse than that? Having cramps while doing it. He makes up his own dates for the sculputures, and doesn't even know their correct name. The book says one thing, Anning Jing says another. Just because you have an extensive interest in Buddhist art does NOT mean that I do, nor anyone else in this class. This is not what we signed up for, this is not what we want to learn about. This is not what you should be teaching.

-The Internet in Wonders Hall. What is up with the internet working five feet away from me at Heather's desk (her computer), but not on mine?! My wireless is hooked up, and so is my ethernet cord. I don't get it. My wireless works in my classes. I've turned my computer on & off multiple times in hopes that it will work. Does it recognize the networks? yes. Will it connect to the internet? Absolutely not. Eff you, MSU internet!! You're retarded.

-General Motors. This one, I'm actually going to commend GM. Way to reach an agreement only two days after the strike was called. Thank you for putting my father and 72,999 other people back to work. Now, let's go Legislature. Let's figure that budget out.

That's about it right now, I do believe. Didn't like it? Too bad. Stop reading. These aren't your complaints, they're mine. Deal with it! I'm a girl who's about to embark on the worst month in the world, on a horrible day where all my emotions are like the Millenium Force rollercoaster, and I can start crying at the drop of a hat. I can become defensive within 2.2 second and bite your head off within 1.5. Don't upset me, and be careful, you're on thin ice. Have a great rest of the day :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I need to start reading the newspaper.

So here's the dealio. GM workers are working twelve hour days while the UAW and GM are having negotiations regarding their contract. The old contract expired September first, and there isn't a new one yet. GM employees are working without a contract trying to avoid a strike. Is a strike inevitable? Most likely. That's problem number one.

Problem number two? Michigan may not have a budget soon. If the legislators keep leaving the capitol with nothing settled by the deadline (which is dangerously close and it doesn't sound like they will), all state workers will be out of work until they reach a new budget agreement. The reason they will be out of a job, is because the state won't have money to pay them...and who want's to work for free? The state will have no money what-so-ever. The legislature needs to raise taxes in order for the government to get out of debt, but the legislature doesn't want to do that, either.

Problem number three: My mom is a research assistant for hte legislature. My dad is an electrician for GM. Now, if GM goes on strike, my dad doesn't get paid. He gets to stand out on a picket line( with me right beside him if I don't have class), get free donuts, and then come home. Not a big deal-- my family can live off one paycheck, we've done it before. However, if the legislature doesn't reach an agreement before the deadline, and both my parent's are out of work? That could be a problem. My family will be scrimping off the edges, and I'll be the only one working. Thank God my schooling is paid for already, so I can stay and continue studying...but, when I do get a paycheck, it would go to help my family out. I remember scrimping in 8th grade, and although we can do it, it wasn't pleasant. No extra things like movies, going out to dinner, and we only got the bare minimum when we went shopping. Jay was so young he doesn't remember that-- Jack kind of does, but I really do. I don't want my brother's to have to know what scrimping really is. I don't even really know what it is, but if it comes down to Michigan not having a budget and GM being on strike, they'll know scrimping like I never knew.

All I know right now, is, that GM and the Union need to come to agreements on a new contract, and the Legislature needs to come to agreement on a new budget...SOON.

Plus, if my dad gets hurt on the job and he doesn't have a contract saying he gets health insurance from it--not only will he be pissed, but so will I. That contract really helped us out when he fell off the 40 foot ladder and broke his foot.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Asoka Towers, Stupas, next comes Buddha.

Let's start this entry off with a question. Don't worry, it's easy. all multiple choice.

Sweats, baggy t-shirt, and a huge coffee shop mug filled with hot chocolate. What does that sound like to you?
A.) me procrastinating work
B.) Me in the mood to write
C.) Me taking a break from studying
D.) me being pissed off
E.) all of the above.

See, I told you it was easy. Go with your intuition, if you're still having a little bit of a hard time. If you've choosen E, all of the above, you are entirely correct. Let's start at the beginning. I mean, it only seems logical. Or, we can skip around in order like my Art History professor. You know what? Indeed let's do just that. I am taking a break from studying (C). I've had enough of Psychology, Spanish, History, and stupid Buddhist art. Therefore, I wanted/needed a break. Am I procrastinating the rest of my work(A), as well? Yes. Anne Orthwoods Bastard just does not seem appealing to read right now...however, the reading is due on Tuesday, followed by a quiz...and I still have 150 pages to read. I am, also, in the mood to write(B). I haven't done it in a while, and even though I don't really have a topic, random thoughts will come out. Plus, I'm dressed the part. I can't just have a huge mug of hot chocolate, be wearing grungy clothes and not write. It's not in my networking. Yes, I did just refer to my genetic makeup as networking. I've been hanging around geeks and dating a geek for way too long. How about answer D, being pissed off? This is where the real fun begins, readers. Oh, read on and enjoy.

My Art History class. In the course schedule, this class is described as learning about world art, the history of world art. So, in my naive mind, I'm thinking the Mona Lisa, maybe some statues from the Roman We're learnign about Buddhist art. No problem-- except the prof. is an Asian man, who has a bad combover and speaks in very bad bbroken english.

You know what? I've lost all desire to even write about this. It's bed-time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spartans--what is your profession??

For as much as Jenn and I don't speak, and don't keep in contact, I will always owe her for a statement she made to me my Freshman year of college. It was fall of 2006, and I was having a very rough time at MSU. A bad roomate, horrible classes, not many good friends, not many friends at all, actually, and bad cases of home-sickness played into me wanting to transfer schools. This was the topic of our phone convorsation one day. Transferring to Central and hanging out with all of hte amazing people I had met up there. Then, she said something that gave me the courage to stay at Michigan State University.
"State is your dream, babe. You can transfer up here to Central with me if you want, which I would love, but Michigan State is your dream school."

Was I really going to give up on what I had wanted since I was a little girl? After I had worked so hard to get into this school, pulled everything together last semester so I could stay here, was I really going to give up my reward for all my hard work? No, I wasn't. She was right. MSU was my dream, and I'm so stoked to be here today.

Now walking down Wilson Rd. on my way to the most boring class in the world, I stopped in the BioMed building for a Spartys mocha capp. I smile because I'm making this year so much better than last year. Good friends, good classes, parties and football games, this year has already trumped last year by far.
So, even though we don't talk anymore, and our lives are going seperate ways (like most people's do after high school), I just want her to know she gave me the strength to carry on at MSU. I'm having the time of my life, and I will forever remember her quote. I'm not saying she's soley responsible for me staying here, my parent's, boyfriend, and new friends I made were a deciding factor, too, but the quote helped a lot. So, I will forever be thankful to her for that. Thank you, Jennifer, I will be forever grateful. If it were not for that quote, reminding me of my dream, I wouldn't be having the time of my life today. Besides, after 300, who wants to be anything BUT a Spartan??