Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Topsy Turvy

Just when you have everything figured out, one thing in the equation is displaced and the whole universe becomes topsy-turvy once again. No one even gets three seconds worth of rest.

Being 'just friends' is changed by one kiss. Not started by you, of course. But, after four hours of driving, falling asleep on each other's shoulders, a kiss happens, and one of the best nights is brought about because of it. The night includes swimming, long talks about life, a sauna, showering (individually, duh), music, and dancing. Falling asleep around 3 AM, the night was perfect. It was fun. It was how life is supposed to be. It was blissful, absolutely perfect.

One note can change everything, too. Just venting, so you don't have to tell people, and you don't end up yelling at them, you write a note that you don't expect anyone to read. Did you put anything too offensive in it? Nope. It's how you felt, and what you would have said if you called those people up. So, the universe, once again, is at the odds against you. Nothing new, just means this time you're fixing it all by yourself. And the one person you need to complain to, for them to be your rock, you can't talk to them. So then you turn to the other person who'd listen- but she's busy dealing with her own problems, and they're pretty huge...so you don't want to concern her. Why don't you want to tell anyone else? Because those are the two people who will listen and not give you advice. Because that's all you want. someone to listen to you. You're doing what you're doing, and no one's going to stop you. You've made your decision, you're sick of listening to and taking other people's advice.

Yep. Once again, you're all alone dealing with it. But you'll make it. You always do.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

He probably knew you were faking it...

After a couple of bad dates, a girl has to ask herself, 'why me?'. I went into this date like I did any other, I took a shower, put on a cute outfit, applied the makeup, and waited for about 45 minutes before he arrived to my house. I went through every phase during that 45 minute waiting period. I was excited, nervous, absolutely dreading it, scared and anxious. going on a date with my best friends cousin? It was weird- to say the most, if not the least.

He picked me up at 6:15. I rushed out of the house as fast as I could with him, grabbing my coat from my car as I went. I had no idea what to talk about with him, knowing that I didn't want anything to happen right off hand. In fact, I didn't want anything to happen really at all. I knew I wasn't ready for that, and he was too nice of a guy for him to be my rebound. Getting out of a ten-month serious relationship, then actually dating that person for three more months, just ending it all less than a week ago, I wasn't ready for anything serious. I was just testing the waters, wondering where I still stood with the whole flirting ordeal.

After trying two restaraunts and having to wait for an absurd amount of time for a Saturday night, we decided on going to a little restaraunt that was in front of my old dance studio. It was good food, and there was no way it was going to be busy. We got right in there and sat at my designated table.

After fifteen minutes of engaging convorsation, our salads came. Yes, I ordered an anipasto salad, and he got a Honeymustard Walnut salad. Okay, first of all- I appreciate that you eat salad, that's good for you and everything- but...I don't think I could date a guy that eats a salad that is obviously labeled 'chick food'. Maybe I'm being absolutely stupid, maybe not. But, a SALAD? You're a guy! Anyways, the convorsation did not brighten my mood any. Turns out, he doesn't like the movie The Holiday. Doesn't matter who you are, that's a freaking good movie. There's a character for everyone, seriously! After a while, we kind of ran out of things to talk about, so we made small talk. I never thought I could meet a guy who talked more than I do, but I obviously proved myself wrong. By the time I finished my third glass of water, our salads were basically gone, and the check had been laying waiting to be paid for around fifteen minutes, he finally asked if I wanted to leave to go sledding. We had decided earlier that we weren't going to go to a movie, because there weren't that many good ones playing. So, sledding it was.

The drive home wasn't too entertaining. In all honesty, I couldn't tell you what we talked about during dinner or the drive. I was yawning too much, and my bed just sounded way too nice. So, regretfully, I asked him if it would be okay if I split early. I just wanted my bed and a nap. With him saying yes, it was okay, came the akward part. The picturesque standing on the front porch debating about a kiss goodnight. I saw him lean in, kind of, but I was too quick with the hug. Then, I turned around opening the door as fast as I could and jetted inside my house. Then I ran to the bathroom because my bladder felt like it was going to explode.

Am I the biggest witch of the east? I feel like I shouldn't even be able to date. Like I'm the worst at it- and I fail. This is a REALLY great guy, and I just don't know why I'm not attracted to him. There was more than one point in the evening when I wished I had some alchochol to help me attempt to make that a good date. Then I went to go hang out with my friends when I was supposed to be sleeping. Why isn't dating ever as easy as it is on The Hills, or Laguna Beach, or any other television show? yes, I know, that's because it's T.V., not real life. Or, because I'm not pretty and this is real life. Either or. I just want a nice guy, who I'm actually attracted to, to be interested in me. I thought I had found it with the last boyfriend...but I didn't. I just need to be single for a while, hang out with the girls. guys need to know that. I need to know that. And right now, I'm still trying to convince myself.
Zigblaster: lol he prolly knew you were faking it
Zigblaster: i think every guy can if the girl get "sick" half way through
KrizTbell06: oh lord
KrizTbell06: don't make me feel even worse.

Monday, February 5, 2007


One has to wonder, on a day like this, why in the hell did I choose this school? Why not someplace warm? As I walked the twenty minutes to my class, I damned the weather in Michigan. After my last class, I decided to take the bus home. Instead of waiting for the 33 to come around and transferring to the 31 at the union, I took the 30. It was the first bus that came by and I vaguely remember the stop by Brody having a 30 stop. Well, I was wrong, to say the most. So I was stuck on a bus not knowing where the hell I was going.

What choice did I have but to wait until I got back to the stop where I started. Luckily, once we pulled back into the Holden stop the 33 was waiting right there. I hurredly rushed off and onto it. But, of course, my life couldn't be that simple. I had to transfer at the CATA station onto another 33 bus. There were two others there, and I didn't know what one to catch. Of course, I had to pick the one that wasn't destined for the Union, but for Holden. To put it nicely, I'm CATAtarded and have no idea what I was doing. So, after an hour of riding the bus, I finally landed at Wonders, which was two buildings away from where I started out that morning. I just gave up and walked back to my dorm room.

At dinner that night, I was sitting with a few of my friends telling this story. As Erica pointed out, had I taken the 30, it would have turned into the Akers bus, which would eventually lead me to Brody. Or, as Phil pointed out, if I had I just waited at the Cata station for five minutes (indoors, mind you!) I could have caught the 31 back to Brody.

Yep. That settles it. I'm deffinitley CATAtarded.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Classes and Open Houses

At one point in time, everyone has thought, thank God for the internet. They've had to. Well, right now is one of my times. Granted, I should be sitting and paying attention to my prof, but after deleting 5 & 1/2 pages of notes that I had just written, I could really care less. So, we turn to stories, yet again.

The summer of everyone's senior year, open houses are a huge deal. It doesn't even matter if you were friends
with a person or not, you go to their open house. You eat free food, have fun with the same group of people, and take millions of pictures. It just so happened that on June 7th, Jenn and I had a million of Open Houses to go to. At 11:00 AM, I'm sitting in my room waiting for Jenn. When she got to my house, I heard the front door fly open and her scream. "KRISTY!" My mind started racing, and I ran out of my room right into her.

"What?!" I was scared.

"I NEED your help! It's a freaking crisis
!" She pointed at her pants. There was makeup, liquid cover-up spilled all over her jeans.

I sighed, thinking I could have killed her at that exact moment. Then, I started laughing. I was laughing uncontrollably, just looking at the stain. " It's NOT funny!" she was still freaking out.

I motioned for her to follow me, and finally managed to say, "We can fix this. don't worry!" I led her into my parent's room where my mom was. We explained the situation, and my mom got right to work. Glancing at the time, I decided Jenn could wear a pair of my jeans.

With a crisis partially averted, Jenn and I climbed into her truck and got ready to leave. the makeup was laying in her cup holder, and I started laughing again.

"Hey, Jenn?"

"What." she was now starting to laugh, but sh
e knew what was coming.

"You're not allowed to put on makeup in the car anymore. By the order of me." as Jenn started the truck, I got my camera out. I took a picture of the makeup, and the two of us.
I don't even know if I got my jeans back, but it's okay. I still have her pillow and I'm holding it hostage :)