Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Check it out. My article is up for everyone to see!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Everyone, on Wednesday, January 16th, should check out

I can not tell everyone how amazing it feels to have my first article ever published. Yes, finally, I wrote something that is actually PUBLISHED. Not just any article, though. A Sports article. on The Tigers. it's amazing how I've always dreamed about it, but now, it's finally coming true. Meeting Vance Wilson, Jordan Tata and Rick Porcello was just absolutely amazing, and I can't WAIT to be able to get my real press pass and be able to go backstage all the time!

I've always been in the newspaper, or on t.v., but just being interviewed. Not actually writing for it. And it just feels amazing. It's the first step to actually being a real journalist, actually writing for a real organization, being able to express my views to other people. It's what I've always wanted, and I'm so psyched I get to share it all with you.

So, watch for it!
gotta love it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Game Day

It doesn’t matter about our record, it doesn’t matter about getting to a bowl game. Right now, it’s about an age-old rivalry, it’s about being louder, faster, sturdier than we’ve ever been. It’s about holding our line and smashing right through their line of blue. It’s about showing them we’re not ‘little brother’ we are, in fact, their big brother. It’s about dominating, it’s about respect, and it’s about honor. So, Spartans, what is your profession?
That paragraph was written as an away message. It was put up around 9 am when the air was alive with an electric buzz, and my fellow Spartan friends and I were no exception to those affected. We were all decked out in green and white (head to toe, mind you) by ten, and already celebrating the festivities by ten thirty. Chants of ‘Go Green’ ‘Go White’ echoed throughout campus, only interrupted by the strains of the fight song or another favorite MSU student chant of ‘asshole’.
At One pm, lined up outside of the student gates, the crowds were growing bigger. Everyone just knew when the gates opened, there would be an ambush to get the best seats for the biggest rivalry game of the year. Glares were cast towards where the U of M band was warming up, and cheers were becoming louder. As Two grew near, the buzz was electrifying, excitement consuming the rest of our minds.
The game was a mess of ups and downs, a mixture of cheers and dissapointments. Especially after one interception that went the way of MSU, my friends and I were making fools of ourselves dancing when my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, yelling that I had just been on T.V. Well, I didn’t quite believe him, and then my phone died. What excellent timing. Apparently, I was on ESPN for at least five to ten seconds in a ‘fan shot’ on the biggest game day for MSU of the year. Amazing! That didn’t matter, though, our team was still down and we needed to pull it up. The whole student section had faith in our boys, and the Wolverines were in Sparta. Everyone knows, if you’re a Wolverine, you don’t belong in our territory.
With the last minutes of the game looming near, the fans’ anticipation grew immensly. It was such a close game, and this year we actually had a chance of winning. A chance of actually crushing the Wolverines to smitherines. The clock ticked down, and as the last chance for Michigan State to win the game was thrown away, the stadium’s cheers rose for Michigan, and all the State fans were silenced. Mouths were hung open, and tears were actually forming in my eyes. There was such promise, hope, and honor to be won. Bragging rights for a year were thrown away, and sadness was removed, replaced with anger and frustration.
The Spartans drudged back to the dorms, trying to beat the cafeteria rush. No one said anything. There wasn’t the usual buzz of the game, no talk of awesome plays or what could have been done differently. Instead, in Case hall, when in a sea of green & white a maize & blue shirt appeared, the only buzz there was died down, and everyone became completely silent. I didn’t want to be the one to start it, but the urge of throwing my chicken tenders at him was almost too great for me to repress. Instead, after a couple seconds of silence, someone started talking again, and everyone followed suite. It kills me, but it was probably for the best.
The only thing to do now is to prepare for next year. It is time to prepare for Glory, time to prepare for respect. Training is now in our teams midst, and it is time to be better than we ever have been. They know they have 40,000 plus students behind them, 40,000 plus people believing that they can do it. Next year, boys. Next year will be our year. It will be our time for honor, respect, and dignity. So, Spartans, What is your profession?