Monday, April 14, 2008

Online Programs

In high school, weeknights were reserved for the sitcoms that were on Television. Now that I'm in College, weeknights are reserved for cramming for the big exam the next day.

Even with the just-ending writers strike, Finals are coming up and it's going to be very hard to catch the episodes we all want to watch on television during their regularly scheduled time.

ABC, CBS and NBC are only three of the television stations that have online viewing for their shows. It's very convenient and, I must admit, my newest vice. If I'm sitting in class (IAH, ISS, any boring humanities course) and become very's not uncommon for me to break the headphones out and catch up on the episodes of Samantha Who that I've missed.

When you get a chance, check it out. It's possibly one of the greatest ideas ever.
for programs like: Samantha Who, Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor
for programs like: Medium, Deal or No Deal, 30 Rock, and Chuck

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Marked for Life

Millions of designs, all with different meanings. The choice to get a tattoo, or even what tattoo to get usually isn't a light one.
For me, however, it was a spontaneous one. A shopping trip turned ink injection left me marked...for life.

The idea that I once wanted a hibiscus flower with the words 'no worries' in Hawaiin written in script around it was quickly thrown out the window as a new idea, a heart with devil horns & a tail replaced it.

I had been talking about getting a tattoo for a long time and had it all planned out. I took all of the advice everyone gave, about knowing what I wanted, where I wanted it, what it meant. I knew to get something with meaning, something I wouldn't regret for the rest of my life. All I needed was the money, and to get over my needle phobia.

Even though my decision was a spontaneous one, and the design was quickly switched, it was for the better. Knowing I won't regret getting my simplistic yet meaningful heart, I'm ecstatic about the new addition to my body and the meaning my best friend and I have put behind it over the years. My decision wasn't a light one as it shouldn't have been. It's always a good idea to put research behind any tattoo. Here's a couple of websites that can help you further with that decision:

Where should I get my tattoo?

Tattoo Risk & Procautions

Should I get a tattoo?