Thursday, June 19, 2008

Marked with the Memory of You*

I wrote this a while ago...just haven't gotten around to putting it up here*so, enjoy*

It's amazing how one piece of artwork can reaffirm a friendship that you've known you've had for many, many years.

One spontaneous trip.

One heart.

Two horns.

One tail.

Can tell the tale of a frienship. One piece of artwork can explain the happiness,frustration, pain, spontinaity, anger, confusion and sheer exhileration of two people's worlds combined into one.

No matter where I am in the world, I can always look at that and remember. Remember the time when we were dancing in the rain outside on that cool June night. Remember sitting on the rock, and pouring my heart out to you. Or sitting in my car, and having you pour your heart out to me. That heart reminds me of countless nights where I cried myself to sleep thinking I had lost you. Forever. Yet, now, this heart let's me know that I'll never lose you. Not with the bond we've created between us.

When you look at it, I hope you remember as well. Remember the field, and looking up at the stars. Remember swinging in the park. Remember walking the railroad tracks.

The countless laughs.

and numerous tears.

Remember all the things we have taught each other. Some material, others not.

Learning to sail.

Random dance moves.


to open up & not keep things a secret.

how to throw darts.

and most importantly: how to love like neither of us imagined possible.

No matter where I am and where you are, we'll always remember each other. We're marked now. Marked with the memory of each other.

and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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