Thursday, June 19, 2008


There is nothing more intimidating than a blank piece of paper. A pure white sheet, with nothing on it. Nothing to taint it, no words or thoughts to make a mess of it. Intimidating. As any writer would say, it's just an open space, waiting for creative words to fill it. It's inviting.

As the Carrie Bradshaw of the Sports world, it's no different. Except, instead of comparing Love to Manolo Blonicks, and men to dogs, I compare teams to friends. Managers to mothers. The home team to a support system, and the visitors to all the evil that rues the world.

Your team. The ones who take the pain of that last pitch away, for a moment. The ones who pull you out of the mess that you, yourself, created. Bases loaded with a count of 3-0, they're the ones who can pull you out of any wreck—if they're good. It just so happens that my team, my relievers are amazing.

~and this is what happens when I get home from seeing Sex & The City the Movie and start watching baseball.....~*sorry*

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