Thursday, July 3, 2008

One Way Ticket*

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Everyone has a playlist for their life. The joys, the hurt, excitement and the anxiousness. Mine is as diverse as anyone elses. Right now, sitting on this train with only my shoulder-bag and the pink duffle that has my clothing in it, Sugarland is the band that is my soundtrack.

There's Got to be Something More.

I'm sick of being held back. That's exactly what I am right now. Held back from the adventorous life I should be living. To give you an idea? My best friend is my ex-boyfriend.
You can only imagine how many things are wrong with that statement.

I'm 20, and don't know what's really going on in my life. But then again, at 20, who does?

Flat plains expand for miles outside my window, and the little town we just passed through looked no different than my own little town of Chesaning.

It was just that morning that I had told Gemma I needed a ride to the train station. Within five minutes, she and Lissa were in my room trying to talk to me out of my brilliant scheme.
Oh, Gemma and Lissa. The foundation to my life for quite some time now.

I like to compare the three of us to the girls in Sex & The City. Gemma would be Miranda. No doubt. She has her goals in mind and knows how to achieve them. Lissa, deffinitely Charlotte. She's a romantic, loves her boyfriend, and will be the first to settle down.
That leaves me. The infamous mix between Carrie ( the writing thing) and Samantha (the wild thing). I had thought I found my prince charming, only to be devestated and then to follow it up with an affair with a married 28 year-old lawyer. It only had minimal perks, and not in the good-in-bed kind, either. Great kisser, though.

Yep, I'm the wild-child. the one now sitting on a train alone, with a one-way ticket headed for an unknown town in an unknown state. Whenever they kick me off is where my stop will be.

Lovely, isn't it?

I begged the girls to come with me. Obviously my puppy-dog eyes are losing their affect. I don't see how they wouldn't, after four years of constantly using them to get Gemma and Liss to join in my wacky plans.

The Conductor yelled the next stop as my iPod switched over.

Buy a One Way ticket
On a West Bound Train
See how far I can go

LeAnn Rimes pierced my ears, and I didn't switch it. The next song on the playlist of what I call my life.

Seems only fitting.

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